Top 5 Indoor Gardening Technologies

Nowadays, people are becoming more conscious about their health and on that note, they least prefer buying vegetables that are available in the market. Even the farmers are forced to add certain poisonous or not for consumption chemical fertilizers on plants mainly to increase the production and thereby satisfy the population needs.

Folks living in the interior parts of the country mostly have their own land property, nearby where they may be able to cultivate their own flora needs. However, this is not the case with the city dwellers. They mostly stay in high rise buildings where there is little space for cultivation. For them, technology has turned out to be a boon and have aided them to grow organic plants and meet their food needs.

Here goes a list of intelligent devices that helps anyone to plant their heart’s desire and confines to the homebound area.

  1. Simply click and let grow your own smart herb garden. This is a low expense counter-top herb garden entry-level product that you easily afford to be in your kitchen or living area. The steps you need to take includes
  • Fill the reservoir up to the watermark level
  • Plug in the LED lights and
  • Just snap the grow pods into the vessel

This is the smart soil technology that even contains all the nutrients and microbes needed for the seeds to flourish.

  1. Hydroponics Red Dot unit. This is mainly based on the hydroponics system which has a suspended light that can monitor the daily growth of your plant. Designed like a magical flying saucer with the added advantage of the battery-powered pump, they are just amazing.
  2. Urban Under Appliance space cultivator. This is a contemporary integrated garden system that allows to set watering cycles, lighting and even regulate the temperature.
  3. Eco-friendly vertical garden. This is a unit that allows you to cultivate 15 variety plants at a time. Moreover, it needs one-time nutrient fertilizer and has a biodegradable sponge type soil.
  4. Spider Hexa-technology. This is a wonderful product that helps grow the medicinal plants as well as succulent plants. Powered with the robotic technology, they can move on to areas where ample conditions for growth is available. Read payspi to know more.


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7 Tips for Building a Successful Cybersecurity Education Program

With the boom in the market for a cybersecurity job, many universities and colleges are building various education programs to meet the growing demand from students which wish to enter the field of cybersecurity.  Still, there are few companies that are not taking required steps to curb fraud or employing security specialists.

All the organizations should be made aware of the importance of cybersecurity and the benefits of installing and getting software’s which helps in curbing fraud. It is highly recommended to install to Fully Verified video onboarding to detect fraud.  Below mentioned are few tips to build the cybersecurity education program.

Consult with local business- The colleges should set up an external advisory group which can have a word with companies to understand their workforce requirement with regard to cybersecurity.

Teach critical thinking, writing and communication skills- The employers usually prefer students who have the ability to write and also think critically, collaborate and communicate with their peer apart from possessing necessary technical skills.

Ensure support from the campus leadership- The college leadership team should support and fund the program so that the college could be equipped with a state-of-art computer lab with high-powered computers, high-speed internet connection, servers, etc.

Be relevant- Most of the programs just include standard content and computer-based training videos.  You need to be up-to-date and should cover the issues that are relevant and helps in managing an efficient cybersecurity.

Get advice from other educational institutions- It is advisable that the institutions should reach out to other colleges that have developed programs related to cybersecurity to learn best practices and tips to be adopted.

Use different types of awareness tools- Even though the program will include training modules that are computer-based, the programs should also incorporate awareness program.…

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Human-Robot Relations: 5 Reasons Why We Should Worry

When everything in the past was done with bare hands, people are now reluctant to budge even a teensy bit from their comfort zone. All thanks, but no thanks to technology, more specifically, artificial intelligence and robotics.

Do you remember the days when you used to walk to get to the park, horse ride over the hills, or wash the car with your dad? Those days were a lot more fun. It was because these simple things were not considered chores rather were the seeds that created lasting memories. Nevertheless, what do we have to share for our generation today? Probably, smartphones to stay engaged, navigators to travel, and robots to fill the void, is that it?

Today robotics is slowly but steadily making its presence felt in every sphere from cleaning the floors to cuddling an artificial pet dog or artificial sex toys to having your own personal assistant. However, have you wondered if we are on the right track or not? Have you ever re-evaluated your decision to probably having a real dog or a maid to clean and probably even real toys such as one from cumswingwithme to entice your partner?

Hence, the question remains – Should we or should we not worry about how the human-robot relations are progressing? Here are two factors that are worth analyzing.

  1. No Emotional Quotient – Robots are soon replacing babysitters, home nurses, and caretakers. Convenient it may seem at first, but is it sufficient? It is a common belief, coming from the traditional minds that robots do not have the emotional connection to the person who it is serving. Thus, although care is being provided, it is but without a heart, almost as if the care receiver wished that they would have been sent to a daycare or abandoned in an old-age home.
  2. Being Followers Alone – Robots are also seen to replace teachers and those in the role of information providers. However, if you were on the receiving end, what would it be like merely receive orders and compelled to follow so with no provision to reciprocate or no room for suggestions? Are you thinking of the Hitler reign era? You are probably right.

Thus, it is time to rethink our actions and make the call regarding what extent we should depend on robots in the present and in the future.…

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