Tips Using Technology to Make Meaningful Connections

There is no deficiency of conclusions nowadays concerning social networking platforms and the decrease of face to face social associations. Yet the web can be an optimistic power, particularly for more elderly grown-ups. Regularly, the computerized commitment supplements as opposed to replacing face to face correspondence.

As indicated by the investigations, online correspondence stages such as texting, emailing, social correspondence platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc and video messaging apps such a safe time and Skype might assist elderly individuals to keep up associations with their loved ones  and companions and in addition grow their social connections across the globe.

Progressions in computerized innovation, alongside expanding web get to and the improvement and utilization of internet-based life over the globe, provides latest open doors for more established grown-ups to connect in social interactions.

For solitary elderly grown-ups, innovation can be a help, enhancing social cooperation, expanding open doors for work and volunteering in the community, gifting vouchers or coupons from and giving more approaches to data and assets. According to studies, more than half of the users online comprise of the age group over 50 – 65 and less than 30% are beyond 65 who utilize social media platforms for connecting.

Other than social connections, latest advancements can transform maturing set up and assist lessen the dangers of social disengagement. A model is the virtual providing care colleague known as the Care Angel, which screens elderly citizens wellbeing and day by day living requirements and provides direction. Whenever signaled, it sends cautions to relatives or caretakers and produces an account of the information it gathers that can be imparted to human services suppliers.

In spite of its apparent deficiencies, innovation provides unlimited conceivable outcomes for encouraging social association, which isn’t a swap for human influence, but rather as a model for creating and fortifying connections.

Never too late to start

Think about attempting Google Hangouts, Skype, or in case you own an iPad or an iPhone utilize the FaceTime facility. Although you can’t be in one room, such video talk administrations can reduce the separation between friends and family.…

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5 Transportation Trends That Will Change How We Move

There has been no other field so dynamic than the transportation one:

There have been so many changes in a short span of time that it has become a benchmark of innovation. Technology has shown the way and one can see how transportation has caught hands on for a great future.

So, what are the trends that have changed the way the world moves today?

Let’s see:

If you would like to read the comprehensive article please log on to The following article is only a summary of the main one. You can also click on the link at the bottom of the page to be directly taken to the article.

  1. Automatic driving”:

A few years ago, if someone were to say that there would be a time when the cars would run automatically, he would have been publicly ridiculed for being a scatterbrain; but today with almost automated vehicles, the day does not seem to be too far.

Consider Tesla’s autonomous cars that are being mass produced and electric cars and hybrid ones that are storming the market. The prices of these technologies are also dropping down making it more and more affordable to the masses. The technology that costed a bomb only three or four years ago is now available for less than one-tenth of its price. We all see a positive trend in this rebate.

  1. Digitally connected vehicles:

Imagine being able to trace your vehicle from wherever it is on the face of the earth! Surprisingly this technology has been a winner from the beginning. It helps in live tracking as well as navigating the vehicle on different terrains. It is an example of mind-blowing technology put to its best use!

  1. Car Pooling:

Technology has enabled carpooling tools and convenience of ease. The trend is positive and encouraging. More and more millennials are jumping on to the bandwagon of pooling their auto resources in a bid to reduce their carbon footprints.

  1. Hybrid cars vs. the cars that run on fossil fuels:

The technology is fast catching up. It has become cool to have an electric car or a hybrid car. It is not just fashionable but it gives immense satisfaction to the user to know that he is not contributing to global warming.

  1. The taxi network:

Being able to book a taxi from your smartphone and to be able to track its whereabouts is a great technology and a game changer. Uber has had its heyday with this revolutionary software driven taxi service.…

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Four Ways to Download Any Video from Any Website for Free

Many software and applications have been introduced in the present scenario due to increased need and usage of this technology.  People often tend to hang on the system 24/7 a day spending almost all their time in front of the system, chatting and enjoy watching videos.  They started to shoot their own videos and try to upload it to their friends and relatives and also on the internet to grab the attention.  Many people also started to download the videos which can be watched later if there is no time to watch.  This is trending in recent years due to increased availability of internet users and many giant telecom sectors offer large data with a relatively lesser price.

Due to a rapid revolution in the telecommunication sector, many people started to access various online platforms and social networks to stay connected with each other and to share their views and feedback on these online social networks.  The reach of these social networks is also unimaginable and reached great heights.  Even common people got internet access and started to share their videos as well as started to watch those videos uploaded by others.  Many people started to find out the ways of free downloading the videos and the possibility to see it later.

This article helps you to find the important four ways to download any video at any time from any website such as that too for free.

  1. Online Downloader: You can directly download the desired videos you want to watch from the available downloader platform.  The thing is you need to check the address of the videos and copy paste in the link given.  This will help to download the videos you want to watch it later.
  2. Professional video downloader: You can also directly go to the particular platform and start your download.  You need to follow a step by step procedure to download it.  There are many professional platforms available for you to download.
  3. Screen Recording on windows: You can also do screen recording on windows with a step by step method.
  4. Screen recording on mac: It is also one of the ways to record and watch the videos of your choice. By this method, though recording and viewing of the videos are easy and you have to adjust certain features to get a better quality of audio and video.

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8 Ways Educators Can Help Families Make Better Use Of Tech

Teachers and educators can today help their student’s families making use of technology. Here at StarWalkKids learn how this has been made possible.

Share information

The old age practice of having diaries for students to be brought to school is gone. Today is the age of digital technology. Be it something that the educator wants to communicate with the parents or the other way round, it can be done through digital media.


Now there are no more worries about children forgetting to do their homework. The technology can be used to let the parents know of the homework that the child is supposed to do. This way the parents would also be informed about what is happening in class.

Report card

Technology can also be used to share the students’ performance with their parents. There could also be provisions for the parents and the educator to have an online chat to understand what could be done better to help the student improve.

Classroom tutorials

It would be a great practice if the educator could share the online tutorials that are being used in the class with the parents. This could be some powerpoint presentations or a recording of the lecture given by the educator. This will make it possible for the parent to recap what was taught with the child.

Education app

Teachers could share the education apps relevant to the students with the parents so that they can use it with the child.

Sharing books

Sharing e-books is also a great way to keep parents up to date with the new in the education field. Parents are also learning the new teaching approach which will be beneficial for them to train the kids at home.

Local library

It would be a great idea to get the students’parents connected to the local library so that they can work with the teacher to help the child improve.

Share pictures and videos

Using technology the school can share pictures and videos of events conducted in schools so that the parents are aware of the same.

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Influencer Marketing & was man falsch machen kann

Influencer Marketing ist eine Strategie, die bekanntermaßen enorme Renditen für die getätigt erzielt. Mehr Informationen zum influencer Marketing finden Sie im Internet. Auch die kleinen Unternehmen nutzen influencer Marketing in diesen Tagen und so ist es wichtig, das Beste aus dieser Strategie zu machen, wenn Sie Ihre influencer wählen. Hier sind einige Fehler zu vermeidfven, wenn Sie influencer Marketing wählen –

  1. springen von einem influencer zum anderen zu früh

Zu viele influencer zu versuchen, ist vielleicht nicht der richtige Ansatz. Wenn eine Kampagne mit einem influencer funktioniert, gibt es keine Zusicherung, dass dasselbe mit jemand anderem funktionieren würde. Und wenn es nicht klappt, gibt es keine Garantie, dass es mit einem anderen influencer funktionieren könnte. Eine vertiefte Recherche, um die geeignetsten influencer zu finden, gefolgt von einem langfristigen Engagement, kann den gewünschten Erfolg bringen.

  1. unklares Verständnis der Ziele

Verschiedene Marketingkampagnen sind aus unterschiedlichen Gründen konzipiert. Mangelnde Klarheit der Ziele des influencer-Marketings würde es schwierig machen, den influencer zu erklären, was Sie wirklich brauchen, um für Ihr Unternehmen zu tun.

  1. nicht das Budget für die richtige Größe ausgeben

Zu viel oder zu wenig auszugeben, ist nicht zu gut für das Geschäft. Verstehen Sie den Wert des Deals auf der Grundlage der Art der Rücksendungen erwartet und bereit sein, die richtige Größe Budget zu erlauben.

  1. einfach durch die Zahlen gehen

Der Kauf von likes und Fan-folgenden ist auf Social-Media-Seiten sehr einfach. Suchen Sie also nach influencer, die ein starkes Kundenengagement schaffen und nicht mit einer großen Anzahl von Anhängern.

  1. Auswahl irrelevanter Influencer und irrelevanter Plattformen

Die Wahl eines irrelevanten influencer bedeutet, dass Sie nicht das richtige Publikum ins Visier nehmen. Der von Ihnen gewählte influencer sollte für die Art der Produkte und Dienstleistungen, die Ihr Unternehmen anbietet, relevant sein. Auch der gewählte Social-Media-Kanal soll ein passender sein.…

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