5 Transportation Trends That Will Change How We Move

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There has been no other field so dynamic than the transportation one:

There have been so many changes in a short span of time that it has become a benchmark of innovation. Technology has shown the way and one can see how transportation has caught hands on for a great future.

So, what are the trends that have changed the way the world moves today?

Let’s see:

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  1. Automatic driving”:

A few years ago, if someone were to say that there would be a time when the cars would run automatically, he would have been publicly ridiculed for being a scatterbrain; but today with almost automated vehicles, the day does not seem to be too far.

Consider Tesla’s autonomous cars that are being mass produced and electric cars and hybrid ones that are storming the market. The prices of these technologies are also dropping down making it more and more affordable to the masses. The technology that costed a bomb only three or four years ago is now available for less than one-tenth of its price. We all see a positive trend in this rebate.

  1. Digitally connected vehicles:

Imagine being able to trace your vehicle from wherever it is on the face of the earth! Surprisingly this technology has been a winner from the beginning. It helps in live tracking as well as navigating the vehicle on different terrains. It is an example of mind-blowing technology put to its best use!

  1. Car Pooling:

Technology has enabled carpooling tools and convenience of ease. The trend is positive and encouraging. More and more millennials are jumping on to the bandwagon of pooling their auto resources in a bid to reduce their carbon footprints.

  1. Hybrid cars vs. the cars that run on fossil fuels:

The technology is fast catching up. It has become cool to have an electric car or a hybrid car. It is not just fashionable but it gives immense satisfaction to the user to know that he is not contributing to global warming.

  1. The taxi network:

Being able to book a taxi from your smartphone and to be able to track its whereabouts is a great technology and a game changer. Uber has had its heyday with this revolutionary software driven taxi service.