8 Tools We Used to Navigate the World Around Us Before Technology


4yacht has one of the largest assortment of yachts for charter and sale. Sailing has changed a lot with the penetration of technology. It is now safer and easier as well. Advanced technologies have made navigation simpler. So sailors can safely explore far-off lands without any preparation. But there was a time when there was limited tech equipment that could be used at sea. And sailors had to ensure that they saved as much space as possible on the ships. So keeping their boats and ships clutter free and easier to handle was the main priority.

Here are the major tools that were used for navigation before technology started creating an impact:

  1. Traverse boards

As the name indicates this board was used to record the path traversed.

  1. Lodestones

These were used very much like the compasses. The magnetic piece of mineral was used to indicate the true North.

  1. Astrolabe

The stars are always known to be the sailors’ best friends. Astrolabe was an ancient device used to study the sky at a given point in time.

  1. Bond chronometer

This grew to be the most favorite timekeeper for the sailors.

  1. Dutch Pendulum Clocks

Given that the accuracy of the conventional pendulum clocks suffered on the seas, the Dutch pendulum was created.

  1. Sextant

Given that the sextant made it simpler to measure the angles it was quite handy for the sailors. The attached sighting device increased the convenience of locking the target to identify the exact trajectory to avoid a collision.

  1. Bygrave slide rule

Popularly known as the device that tackled celestial triangle, this one is known to be quite accurate. And even today there are many that rely on this device for aerial navigation.

  1. Longines Weems second-setting watch

Combining this watch and a sextant, the sailors could accurately fine-tune their navigation.