3 Ways Abstract Architecture Backgrounds Are Being Designed

Look around you-you are sure to see some old buildings, some recent ones and many upcoming ones. If you notice, the new and upcoming buildings will not only have state of the art facilities but designs too. Architecture has evolved over the years and we are seeing a facelift for both the elevation designs and the internal designs.

Abstract Architectural Backgrounds

So why are architects coming up with these abstract designs? They want a fresh look, the buildings to look unique and attractive. The minute a person sees an abstract design, they stand to appreciate it simply because it is out of the ordinary. Our minds are so tuned to seeing the regular designs and such abstract designs were rarely used, thus making them unique. Such designing also had the ability to make the buildings a tourist attraction because the design seemed to challenge the regular architecture.

So how are they being designed?

  1. Geometry is a big part of architectural designing. The proportion, degree, etc for a building are all calculated using geometry. What used to be asymmetrical deigning has now changed into an abstract designing, where architects want to challenge the idea of proportion and harmony of designs. So, today’s architects take a particular design and try to change it in the most abstract way possible. They don’t aim for harmony but aim for contrast instead.
  2. When customers or potential buyers are brought to a property that is yet to be built on, the design is what helps mainly in selling the property. During this time, where the potential buyers showed 3D samples or drawings of something abstract and unique, they are sure to be more receptive to the property itself. This is the property marketing stratagies I use when I take my potential buyers to our properties.
  3. Many architects doodle some design over and over again to such an extent that they want to implement it as the elevation of their next project. Here geometry is again used for precision and to ensure the simple doodle is actually doable on a large scale.

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