8 Ways Educators Can Help Families Make Better Use Of Tech

Teachers and educators can today help their student’s families making use of technology. Here at StarWalkKids learn how this has been made possible.

Share information

The old age practice of having diaries for students to be brought to school is gone. Today is the age of digital technology. Be it something that the educator wants to communicate with the parents or the other way round, it can be done through digital media.


Now there are no more worries about children forgetting to do their homework. The technology can be used to let the parents know of the homework that the child is supposed to do. This way the parents would also be informed about what is happening in class.

Report card

Technology can also be used to share the students’ performance with their parents. There could also be provisions for the parents and the educator to have an online chat to understand what could be done better to help the student improve.

Classroom tutorials

It would be a great practice if the educator could share the online tutorials that are being used in the class with the parents. This could be some powerpoint presentations or a recording of the lecture given by the educator. This will make it possible for the parent to recap what was taught with the child.

Education app

Teachers could share the education apps relevant to the students with the parents so that they can use it with the child.

Sharing books

Sharing e-books is also a great way to keep parents up to date with the new in the education field. Parents are also learning the new teaching approach which will be beneficial for them to train the kids at home.

Local library

It would be a great idea to get the students’parents connected to the local library so that they can work with the teacher to help the child improve.

Share pictures and videos

Using technology the school can share pictures and videos of events conducted in schools so that the parents are aware of the same.

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