Top 5 Indoor Gardening Technologies

Nowadays, people are becoming more conscious about their health and on that note, they least prefer buying vegetables that are available in the market. Even the farmers are forced to add certain poisonous or not for consumption chemical fertilizers on plants mainly to increase the production and thereby satisfy the population needs.

Folks living in the interior parts of the country mostly have their own land property, nearby where they may be able to cultivate their own flora needs. However, this is not the case with the city dwellers. They mostly stay in high rise buildings where there is little space for cultivation. For them, technology has turned out to be a boon and have aided them to grow organic plants and meet their food needs.

Here goes a list of intelligent devices that helps anyone to plant their heart’s desire and confines to the homebound area.

  1. Simply click and let grow your own smart herb garden. This is a low expense counter-top herb garden entry-level product that you easily afford to be in your kitchen or living area. The steps you need to take includes
  • Fill the reservoir up to the watermark level
  • Plug in the LED lights and
  • Just snap the grow pods into the vessel

This is the smart soil technology that even contains all the nutrients and microbes needed for the seeds to flourish.

  1. Hydroponics Red Dot unit. This is mainly based on the hydroponics system which has a suspended light that can monitor the daily growth of your plant. Designed like a magical flying saucer with the added advantage of the battery-powered pump, they are just amazing.
  2. Urban Under Appliance space cultivator. This is a contemporary integrated garden system that allows to set watering cycles, lighting and even regulate the temperature.
  3. Eco-friendly vertical garden. This is a unit that allows you to cultivate 15 variety plants at a time. Moreover, it needs one-time nutrient fertilizer and has a biodegradable sponge type soil.
  4. Spider Hexa-technology. This is a wonderful product that helps grow the medicinal plants as well as succulent plants. Powered with the robotic technology, they can move on to areas where ample conditions for growth is available. Read payspi to know more.


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How drugs testing and technology work together

Everybody is aware of the serious consequences of drug abuse. It has, therefore, become mandatory in workplaces to conduct random drug tests. Thus, almost everyone is aware that the routine drug test involves a spit sample, urine sample, and even hair sample at times.

Drug testing technology has evolved over the years and currently, there is a new test wherein you do not have to do anything other than just provide your fingerprint. Do you know how technology and drug testing work hand in hand with this technique?

Paper Spray Mass Spectrometry

This technology is believed to be very promising and scientists believe it will very soon be part of mainstream drug testing. The technique is based on the principle that every human body metabolizes everything including drugs and the excreted waste leaves its traces on your fingertips. Hence, by analyzing the molecules on your fingerprints using mass spectrometry scientists hope to detect the traces of the drugs used by you. You cannot wash off the molecules which make this test very accurate. Though this test was originally designed to detect cocaine, researchers feel the same method can be used to test various drugs including heroin.

The biggest advantage of this result is that the results are quick and almost 99% accurate. This method does not give any scope for providing false samples which often happens with urine testing. This method is immensely beneficial during drug overdose emergencies when it is crucial to determine the drugs th at have caused overdoses and counter it with appropriate medicine.

Parting thoughts

The use of advanced techniques in drug testing has ensured that drug abuse offenders don’t escape detection. Hence, do not fall for, “find out how this detox pill can help you,” marketing trick for there is no escaping detection given the fact that technology has an answer for everything.…

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