How to Make Your Videos Rank Better on Youtube


YouTube has become an overtly valuable asset for business promotion over the years. More than 300 million people visit YouTube each day and it is the second top most search engine of the world. The simplicity and easy navigation of the YouTube makes it extremely popular.

But the thing is that thousands of videos are uploaded on YouTube on daily basis. Only a few of them get popular or shared widely among the users. There comes the major role of ranking the video. These few tricks will help you to rank your video on YouTube higher.

  1. Choose a niche: A general subject gives you access to masses but at the same time you need to face lots of competition to be seen. Choosing a particular niche and narrowing your focus enables you to reach your target audience more efficiently. Use keywords and titles to generalize the video and do not put the whole cream in a single video. A series is known to perform better than an individual video.
  2. Keywords: Keywords are an integral requirement if you want to reach your audience efficiently. Always put the keyword in the beginning of the title. It helps to make your video more popular.
  3. Meta tags: Meta tags are the best words you choose to reach your audience. These should be related to the content of the video.
  4. Description is important: the description of a video is shown right below it and this is the first glance of the video. An effective description is always appreciated and it is actually a first glance of your video. So, be careful with it when you YouTube Kanal bekannt machen.
  5. Playlists: One of the important aspects of ranking, including your video in playlists is always overlooked. If your video is included in maximum playlists, it will directly influence its ranking.
  6. Increase your viewership: Share your video on social platforms and embed it on different web pages. This will result in better ranking.
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