SBM Center for Entreprenaurship Development

We believe that every human should be able to follow their dream, and we work together to identify opportunities that will allow the growth and success of everyone.


We appreciate the need of the developing the dream into a reality and want to develop cross-disciplinary learning environments that teach students to see new opportunities out of current “live” situations. We want students to be given the chance to see new business opportunities and to carry them to fruition.


All ideas once identified and developed to prototype version require support. Being new in the bandwagon every individual entrepreneur requires aid of a certain kind. They may require help in enhancement of the idea further, or a sponsor in terms of monetary funds or technological and logistical assistance. We understand the needs of budding entrepreneurs guide and nurture them constantly.

The Entrepreneurship Development Cell believes that entrepreneurs are not necessarily born; they canbe developed through well-conceived and well directed activities. It is now widely recognized thateducation can be a very effective instrument to bring out latent resources and capabilities of students. Contingent on this belief, the mission of Entrepreneurship Development Cell is to promote the spiritentrepreneurship through education and training.


Entrepreneurship is the process of identifying, developing, and bringing a vision to life. The vision may be an innovative idea, an opportunity, or simply a better way of doing something. The end result of this process is the creation of a new venture, formed under conditions of risk and considerable uncertainty. We plan to achieve our vision by three factors namely Learning, Assessment and Interactions.