About The S&H Department


The Chemistry Department came into existence in the year 2009 when the institution was established. The prime focus of the Department is to provide a conceptual base in Chemistry which forms a foundation to the Engineering subjects and it is instrumental in grooming the students into competent Engineers and individuals to compete for global opportunities.

It is a full fledged Department consisting of nine experienced and well qualified faculty. The department has been encouraging the faculty to keep abreast of the knowledge and methodologies for research.

Our Chemistry Laboratory is fully equipped with modern equipment’s to meet the requirements of the syllabi. Apart from preparing the students for higher courses, the chemistry Department takes a major lead in demonstrating and enabling students to imbibe leadership qualities.

Department of English


To enable the students be proficient in four skills namely listening, speaking reading and writing, and to train them for their employability.

The department of English has been a part of the department of Science and Humanities. It has grown from a two member department to a ten member department now. The department has been striving to raise the level of competence among the students community. In addition to preparing the students for career advancement, the department also seeks to inculcate the sense of responsibility, so that they become responsible citizens of the Nation tomorrow.

Enormous efforts have been taken to make the students language learner friendly. As facilitators who teach Technical English –I,II and communicative English for the I year and higher semester engineering students, it has been found that only through practice concepts get imprinted into the mind of students.

The contribution of our department teachers, in imparting knowledge towards learning the language, is significant. By using activity based teaching, every minute is spent to make the students get significant recruitment. Due to the insistence of the importance of communication skills in the recruitment process the need for improving one’s language has gained a momentum in the recent days.

The department focuses on the need for learning and acquiring proficiency in the language and getting placement in reputed companies. English department has been functioning sincerely from the establishment of this Institution. It is headed by Dr.G.Dominic Savio who has 36 years of collegiate experience, an accredited Research Guide and has produced 35 Ph.Ds and 120 M.Phil scholars. The department has 9 M.phil., degree holders: among them 2 are currently pursuing their Ph.Ds., Others are contemplating to register their Ph.Ds. English Department aspires to be upgraded as a research centre in English Language Studies.


Objective: The department strives hard for academic excellence and to impart quality education with emphasis on Mathematics and to serve the student community in making them better citizens of the nation.

The Department of Mathematics, with highly experienced and well-qualified faculty members, caters to the needs of technical students for strengthening their mathematical and logical skills leading to successful careers.

The Department of Mathematics serves the academic needs of the institution and strives to maintain high standards of teaching in various branches of B.E and M.E. The faculty gives utmost care to bridge the curriculum and the modern needs. The department also trains engineering students in strong mathematical background to enhance and apply their skills to find solutions to their field specific problems.

At present the department consists of 18 faculty members, with three doctorates. Two of the faculty members are pursuing their doctoral degree. Research is being carried out in a wide variety of fields including Optimization Techniques, Fuzzy sets and systems, Graph theory and Topology and theory of computers.

The department strives hard to explore the two-way relationship between technology and society and to motivate the engineering students to apply mathematical sciences to the pressing problems of the real world. The objective of the department is to create competent professionals by inculcating highly skilled mathematical knowledge and to encourage acquisition of life-long learning skills by educating the leaders of tomorrow.



• The Department of Physics is the enthroned monarch in the Department of Science and Humanities.

• Physics, the fundamental building block of all disciplines of Engineering has a pivotal role in the development of engineering solutions to contemporary problems in the physical sciences by applying fundamental principles.

• It is not confined to a particular discipline of Engineering but a thread weaved through the whole technological domain. It promotes multifarious values to the students


• At present there are seven faculty members in the department. A team of well experienced, and highly motivated faculty with proven excellence in teaching and research carry forward the motto of the institution.

• The department staff join hands together for the development of the various technologies in teaching Physics.

• They have proposed to capacitate the students to apply basics of Physics required for the current field of technologies, they practice on the regular courses of Engineering.

• The department has a well-established laboratory.

• The experimental methods followed in the Physics lab opens up a new arena for the budding Engineers to start and proceed with manual measurement practices that naturally enhance their dexterity which is an essential skill requirement for their advanced technical procedures.

• The Laboratory is well equipped to cater to the needs of students. It has modern equipment like Galvanometer, Spectrometer, Potentiometer and Advanced Laser Equipment. A separate darkroom is available to conduct experiments in spectrometer and laser.