The Food Technology That May Save the Planet


The clamor to save the planet is ever increasing and everyone is now forced to take heed and do their bit in this gigantic endeavor. The increasing population has put great strain on the planet’s resources. It is estimated that there will be a severe strain on protein supply as more and more individuals and countries are depending on the animal protein.

This protein obsession can prove to be costly for the planet as currently almost 45 percent of the land is used for animal agriculture and another 33 % is used for crops to feed these animals. Production of crops like soy and corn which is called livestock feed has a detrimental effect on the planet as they lead to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions.

What is ironic is that despite this production of protein over 850 million people are facing starvation worldwide. Can technology offer a solution to this dilemma?

There is an urgent need for a technology that will not deplete the resources and still provide the required protein and food for the growing population. By moving towards a plant-based protein for all our protein needs we may take the first step towards saving the planet.

Thanks to technology scientists have been able to find alternates to meat from the plant kingdom. They have been able to in fact find combinations that not only smell, taste and feel like the real thing but in fact have the same nutritional profile.

Some companies have in fact manufactured beef like burgers and chicken strips from pea protein. Production of peas uses less water and land thereby more environmentally friendly while being rich in protein.

Plant-based proteins are believed to be the future as this industry is growing by leaps and bounds. The fourth industrial revolution is here to provide nutrition without harming the planet. You can find out more about nutrition-related matters on