Lab Facilities

1. Strength of Materials Lab:

This lab is well equipped for testing structural materials including steel, timber, concrete etc., and has a 400T electronic UTM, and a wood testing machine. Standard tests are routinely performed for Government and Private Organization.

Has the facility to determine the compressive strength of the concrete cube by using Universal Testing Machine (UTM).

Major Equipments:

• Universal Testing Machine
• Spring Testing Machine
• Torsion Testing Machine
• Hardness Testing Machine
• Impact Testing Machine

2. Hydraulic Engineering Lab:

The Hydraulics Laboratory involved in a wide range of basic as well as applied experimental and theoretical research in fluid mechanics .

The activities are focused on the physical understanding, modeling and manipulation of complex flows and their instabilities .

The main objective of this laboratory is the Student should be able to verify the principles studied in theory by conducting the experiments

Major Equipments:

• Peloton wheel turbine
• Francis turbine
• Centrifugal pump

3. Surveying Lab:

To Study about the Theodolite and Total Station and to learn how to work with the instruments.

To learn to run a traverse, and to determine the distances using chain, compass and plane table.

To study the field work using Total station.

Major Equipments:

• Total Station
• Theodolite
• Dumpy Level

4. Concrete & Highway Engineering lab:

The experimental work involved in this laboratory should make the student to understand the fundamental testing of aggregate and also the bitumen. Relating these quantities, the student should be able to obtain the strength of the material.

To study about the abrasion value, crushing strength and impact value of the aggregates.

Has the facility to study the physical properties of the aggregates.

Major Equipments:

• Bitumen Automatic Penetro meter
• Compaction Factor Apparatus
• Ductility Testing Machine
• TAR Viscometer

5. Soil Mechanics Lab:

Direct shear test apparatus with accessories, Standard proctor compaction apparatus with accessories, Field density test, and Permeability apparatus.

Has the facility to study about the physical properties of soil .

To study about the determination of shear strength, water content, specific gravity of the soil by using direct shear test, pycnometer and core cutter method.

Major Equipments:

• Proctor Compaction Appratus
• Casagrande apparatus
• Direct shear test apparatus
• Field Density • Permeability Apparatus

6. Environmental Engineering Lab:

Environmental Engineering Laboratory can serve students for experimental study.

The laboratory can contribute its pilot study facilities and chemical analytical equipment as well as experimental technology to the environmental studies and continuing learning in the environmental professions.

Has the facility to study the oxygen demand in water by using incubators and chemicals.

Major Equipments:

• Jar Test Apparatus
• BOD Incubator
• COD apparatus
• HOT Air Oven
• Muffle Furnace
• Kjeldhal Digestion Unit

7. CADD Lab:

At the end of this course the student should be able to draft on computer building drawings (Plan, elevation and sectional views) in accordance with development and control rules satisfying orientation and functional requirements The software used is CADD.