The E.E.E. department has the following laboratories to cover all the experiments prescribed in Anna University/A.I.C.T.E. Curriculum and to support all research activities

  • Electrical Machines Laboratory
  • Electrical Circuit Laboratory
  • Power Electronics and Drives Laboratory
  • Control and Instrumentation Laboratory
  • Power Systems Simulation Laboratory

The department has well equipped Computer centre. All are facilitated with the internet connectivity. The computer systems are loaded with software packages such as MATLAB range of products and PSPICE software packages.
Machines Lab:

  • Area - 360 Sq.m.
  • 11batches (each batch of 3 students) of students can utilize the lab effectively at a time.
  • The lab will be utilized by EEE, ECE, CSE and Mechanical Students.
  • The DC machineries in the lab includes,
    • DC shunt, Series and Compound Motors with belt load arrangements
    • Motor – Generator sets
    • Resistive Loads
    • Rectifiers (220V, 100A)
  • The AC machineries in the lab includes
    • Synchronous Motors
    • Alternators (salient & non salient) Induction
    • Motors (1phase & 3 phase),
    • Transformers (1phase, 3 phase),
    • Auto transformers (1phase& 3 phase)
    • Winding Study Motors
    • Sectional models of starters.

“The Power Electronics laboratory of Electrical and Electronics Engineering enhances the EEE students by providing them the better understanding of the concepts and working of advanced power semiconductor devices and power electronics circuits. PE Lab Provides a platform for understanding the basic concepts of Switching Characteristics, determination of the parameters of various solid-state devices and the operation of different types of power controllers using SCR, TRIAC,MOSFET, IGBT. They used to understand the operation of different types of power controllers and their applications in industrial fields”
In this lab:
R, RC and UJT triggering circuits are done to know how to give and adjust the firing pulse to the SCR so as to make it to conduct. 1-phase semi converter and full converter experiments are carried out to understand the conversion of AC supply to DC supply and the variation of average output voltage for different firing angles. A 1-phase AC voltage controller using TRIAC is done to get the variable AC output voltage from fixed AC input voltage. Voltage and current commutated chopper circuits are carried out to comprehend the conversion of fixed DC to variable DC voltage by voltage commutation and current commutation respectively.
Major Equipment:
The power electronics lab is equipped with the following prominent power electronics equipment:

  • AC voltage controller using SCR and TRIAC
  • R, RC and UJT triggering circuits
  • Static Characteristics of IGBT & MOSFET
  • SCR based V/I commutated module with relevant firing module
  • SCR, TRIAC based 1 phase AC Phase Controller along with lamp load.
  • 1 phase SCR Half & Fully Controlled Converter
  • 1 Phase Half and Fully Controlled Bridge Converter.
  • IGBT Based High Switching Frequency Chopper.
  • Buck, Boost Chopper using MOSFET
  • IGBT based single phase and  three phase PWM Inverter
  • Resonant DC-DC converter module
  • Transient Characteristics of SCR and MOSFET.
  • IGBT based 3 phase PWM inverter with motor
  • Step down MOSFET Chopper

Controls System Lab
Control system dominates the modern way of life. This lab helps the students to know the wide applications in, aircraft control, and process industries. It is fully equipped with modern control equipment like control trainer kits with computer interface, P/PI,PID controllers, , DSO , CRO, Function generator ,closed loop control, AC &DC Servomotor. They can also simulate the linear and nonlinear systems using MATLAB with computers.
Measurement and Instrumentation Lab

This lab is to fortify the students with an adequate work experience in the measurement of different quantities and also helps to expertise in handling the instruments. This lab is fully equipped with measurements kits like AC Bridges, DC Bridges, A/D, D/A converters, Instrumentation Amplifiers, Energy meter, Autotransformer, Ring specimen, Current Transformer, CRO, Regulated power supply.