It is my pleasure to communicate this message about Department of Chemistry, SBM College of Engineering and Technology, Dindigul. The Department of Chemistry was started in 2009. The department has a provision for 9 faculty members. The Department has been fortunate to have faculty of academic excellence who share Chemistry with their utmost abilities and interest. Chemistry is basically all about knowing and investigating the structures and reactions of substances of matter and covers an important part of science that bridges many aspects of other sciences, physical and biological, and opening a door to many technological developments. The major pieces of equipment which has made research possible comprise of Spectrophotometer, Flame photometry, Electronic balance, Digital Ion selective/pH meter, Potentiometer, Conductivity meter and Deionised water plant and other equipments.

Physics Lab Facility

1. Our Physics Laboratory is well equipped to carry out the experiments referred by the university. Each student can practice the experiments individually.

2. To perform the photonics experiments we are having a well established and equipped dark room. Individual care is given to every candidate by our skilled personalities along with the Department Professors.

3. Along with the curriculum experiments like Young’s modulus determination, Dispersive Power determination, Fluid compressibility, Viscosity determination, Semiconductor Bandgap determination we are providing the practice to the students in other fields of Physics like Crystals, Ceramics, Thin film coatings, Nanosize determination etc.